Master Barber &
Hair Replacement Specialist

Sport's Time Barber Shop
15928 Hesperia CA 92345
Phone @ 760 956 8100
David @  760 590 5493

David A.
  1.  Kids Hair Cut
    Kids Hair Cut
    $10 and up
    Bald Fades, Razor Fades, Mohowks and Fohawks, Tapers and Bald Heads and many other types of hair cuts.
  2. Mens Hair Cut
    Mens Hair Cut
    $15 and up
    All types of hair cuts for men. From a business cut to a Mohawk we can do it all. Come in with an idea or a picture and we can make it happen. Beard shave with a cut additional $5 with a hair cut.
  3. 3D Designs
    3D Designs
    $5 and up
    Ask about a design that you might want, we got you. Designs start at $5 for simple designs and go up from there. Call in advance for really detailed work.
  4. Hair Replacement Services
    Hair Replacement Services
    Please call, we can really make amazing things happen.